2020 in a Nutshell

2020 summed up in one word- PARKOUR. A year of reflection and a year that challenged everyone to adapt to a new norm. With everything that’s happened, 2020 has been a sting in the tail in its own, unique way. I'd rather say we parkoured our way up here. Here's to my 2020 rewind. Looking... Continue Reading →

Modern-day Feminism and Simp culture

The impetus behind this article is the thoughts that have been churning inside my mind lately. The first wave of feminism dated back to the 18th or 19th century was considered as a movement to recognize women's rights. The female community during that time had to face many atrocities and were treated as an inferior... Continue Reading →

Gateway to other lives , More like a getaway from this life : ) Following the pandemic, My leisure time was devoted into reading; mostly fiction. I discovered a profound passion in finishing a novel in earnest. Or maybe it was novels that were truly page turners. I began with The Woman in Cabin 10.... Continue Reading →

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