We’re all messed up…

But it’s all gravy!

In the light of lockdown akin to the Pandemic, and its influence on steadily soaring rate of suicides, mental health has become a matter of talk lately. Just like the virus, Depression and its allies mustered strength during this period ensuing halted human activities. When seasonal depression met lockdown depression, it resulted in a bleak outcome on our mental health.

Just like it’s theoretical meaning, depression basically is a trench; a trench if fallen, will pertain a feeling of severe melancholy.

Most of us that claim to be depressed aren’t actually depressed; it’s just our brain tricking us into believing we’re so when in reality we may be just bored. Sometimes we get engulfed by a wave of sadness; reasons many. In lieu of determining whether it’s depression or acknowledging the root of the problem, we look around for remedies to cure our newly bud ‘depression’.

It could actually be clinical depression as well; we never know for sure. Seeking medical/therapautical help is always recommended now that we are aware of the dangers depression entails and the silent killer it is. Either ways, venting the emotions to somebody and talking it out is allegedly the #1 solution as per some social media posts I came across. Talking it out, per se, is therapeutic and it complements with taking it(sorrows) out: provided some criteria are met. Who we are venting to is as important as what we’re venting. We might not even be looking for solutions but it should be someone who will listen to us in earnest and empathise with us. If you have a friend or a family member who you think will understand what you’re going through and will lend a shoulder, all you need to do is just rely on them.

But what if you don’t feel comfortable doing so or are conscious of bothering anyone with problems even you’re clueless of?

Sometimes our greatest companion is our own mind. We can engage in debates or argue with it, motivate, compassionate our mind; without the fear of being judged. When we are conversing with our mind, it enables us to analyse the problem at hand and might automatically suggest solutions. This is what I do when I feel low. I’ve a diary in which I pen down my thoughts and feelings in the form of journal, when I feel restless. Nothing formal; just some scribbles concerning how I’m feeling. And it helped me analyse things in a broader perspective and dilute my worries.

Excerpt from my diary

For instance, if somebody’s action had a negative impact on me or hurt me in anyway, I’d simply reflect on how I felt at that time. This eventually gives me a justification for their behaviour. Eventually I’m able to percieve things from that person’s vision. The best part is it stays only between me and my diary.
Later when I’m over it, i find the things I’ve jot down very absurd; duh this can’t be me, I’m a changed person now. See it doesn’t even matter after a while. So when you’re stressing over something just analyse the situation and think if it would have the same impact or mean something a year or a month from now.

Carpe diem doesn’t only mean something to add a charm to your Instagram bio; but could bolster your life as well : )

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Modern-day Feminism and Simp culture

The impetus behind this article is the thoughts that have been churning inside my mind lately. The first wave of feminism dated back to the 18th or 19th century was considered as a movement to recognize women’s rights.

The female community during that time had to face many atrocities and were treated as an inferior gender. The golden period of feminism witnessed the struggles thereby emancipating women socially and politically.

picture courtesy : Google

But what has feminism come to now? We are currently in the 4th wave of feminism which emphasizes women empowerment. Excluding a small section, most are misleading the term feminism and adamantly trying to prove female superiority while demeaning males. This obliterates the foundation of feminism. And a number of pseudofeminists have evolved. Hoodfeminism is trending right now. For them, feminism is a tag or an accessory rather than a socio-political movement. Many tend to be confused between misandry and (pseudo)feminism. The main argument they put forward is the definition of feminism which focuses on the upliftment of both the genders. Then why not use the term humanism instead? Another common critique is that men talk about their own rights being denied only when a feminist(the verbal meaning) propaganda is made. Not certain how much truth this entails.

Another annoying trend is waving a rape-card on somebody you hold a grudge or for any other personal reasons. And in the name of feminism or just for the sake of her being a woman, rights are in favor of her. The case of Brian Banks where he was accused of rape and was sent to prison and exonerated after 5 years when the girl came out saying it was a fake allegation put forward by her can be cited here.

“A man is guilty until proven innocent and a woman is innocent until proven guilty”. That’s the plight nowadays. This pertains to a negative demeanor to the real feminists who are working for a good cause. and this again is the reason why most men despise feminism. Not to confuse this with misogyny. That’s another topic where simp culture becomes relevant.

What exactly is a ‘simp’ ?

Simp is a slang for someone who is overly obsessed/desperate and overvalues a woman irrespective of her morals. It’s basically a Gen-Z version of a nice guy. This term widely being overused in the wrong sense perpetuates toxic masculinity. For instance, if a man supports a feminist for a cause, then he’s prolly a simp trying to get laid. Because according to misogynists women who are out of their league belong to the streets : )

I’d accord with the fact that modern-day feminism has gone too far. so does misogyny, misandry, and all other gender bias. Enlighten me on glosses I got wrong.

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2am Thoughts

Unhinged Thoughts

I like the 2 am version of people; quite vulnerable. Neither jeopardy nor peril; Just emotionally unsafe and deranged thoughts.

Sometimes laying in bed wide awake with teary eyes thinking about the past; cherishing some regretting some. Contemplating existence. And realizing that future is just steadily accumulating past.

The episodes of late night adventures in the kitchen and hallway through the dim light. Curing the munchies , and all set to bingewatch. Episodes after episodes , not realizing how late it is.

Time and then looking towards the window; the curtains blocking the street light. Yet narrow rays of light escape the hindrance and spread a dim light all over Giving a ray of hope !

I like the 2 am version of nature; serene and introverted, Think nature potrays people?

I like the 2 am version of people; I like the 2 am me.

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Gateway to other lives , More like a getaway from this life : )

Following the pandemic, My leisure time was devoted into reading; mostly fiction. I discovered a profound passion in finishing a novel in earnest. Or maybe it was novels that were truly page turners.

I began with The Woman in Cabin 10. This masterpiece written by Ruth Ware follows an intense and gripping storyline. As the story progressed, it had me sitting on the edge with its whiplash inducing twists.

The silent patient by Alex Michaelides is a twisted exploration of pysches of both a woman and a man and the breakdown of the characters. Story proceeds in a-dual-timeline fashion and that’s the essence of it! Its more of a character study than a novel.

Whilst on The woman in cabin 10

Something in the water, My lovely wife, Big little lies, In a dark dark wood, The guest list, Couple next door, The girl on the train, And there were none add to the list of my lockdown reads and soundly fall in the genre Suspense Thriller.

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